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Whether you are involved in the construction of small buildings or large developments or any other civil work there is the risk of loss or damage. Coupled with this the banks are now insisting that cover is in pace prior to them granting loans. It is important to have the correct policy in place to cater for all your needs.

We have numerous insurers and underwriting managers from whom we can arrange quotations for contract works insurance. Contract works insurance will cover all the materials being used in the construction of the building during the contract period. The cover will also include liability insurance as well as surrounding property.

If you are one of those companies who are continually erecting and dismantling property such as scaffolding and stages used at concerts then we have a solution for you. Contact us for a competitive quotation

Whether you are large or small food outlet you will require machinery breakdown cover for the compressors  in your refrigeration equipment. Many businesses also have very expensive production lines or standalone machines. These businesses require machinery breakdown cover for the sudden and unforeseen damage to their machinery. The policy can also be extended to include loss of profits following machinery breakdown.

Deterioration of stock can be covered following a machinery breakdown. The premium will depend on the value and type of stock at risk.

Marine & Aviation

The main areas of cover we focus on in marine insurance are the import and export of cargo as well as all forms of local transits. This includes temporary storage and warehousing of the product. With regard to aviation insurance the risk exposure is very high and are able to offer specialist advice in this regard.

We offer competitive premiums for those clients who require goods in transit cover for their own goods. We are able to arrange one off transits as well as ongoing annual policies to automatically cover all goods transported by the company during the year. Cover includes cross border voyages and temporary storage in the course of a transit.

We can offer Marine insurance for imports and exports to and from most countries in the world. We can arrange an open marine policy to automatically cover all voyages or arrange cover one off shipments. In both cases the rates we can obtain are extremely competitive.

We are able to arrange cover for a wide variety of aircraft both for either full flight risks or ground risks only.

If you transport goods of another it is important to have the correct carriers liability policy in place. Please contact us for a tailor made policy.