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Over a period of time you will have accumulated a large array of personal possessions and assets which are both valuable and sentimental. It is advisable to arrange the correct cover for these items to mitigate any possible losses which may occur in the future. We have listed some of the main items below, which you should consider insuring.

The house contents policy covers all the removable contents of your home against specified events which can occur. The contents are covered while contained in your private residence. When selecting this section you must insure the contents at their full replacement value. Please remember that

We offer

  • Standard house contents policies
  • High net worth policies covering your contents on an all risks basis.
  • Limited contents cover which excludes theft and offers a reduced premium.

Our policies include:

  • Accidental spoilage of freezer contents
  • Accidental damage to audio visual equipment
  • Accidental damage to glass forming part of furniture
  • Alternative accommodation if your home is no longer fit to live in following an insured event
  • Loss or damage to guests property
  • Repair or replacement of locks or keys

Extensions available to you:

  • Power surge
  • Accidental damage

Your private home or holiday home are usually one of your most valuable assets. We offer extremely competitive insurance for building of all types of construction. Your building must be insured for the value it would cost you to rebuild the home from scratch. You must also make allowance for all improvements to the home as well as architects fees, debris removal and municipal fees.

We offer:

  • Standard house owners policies
  • High net worth policies covering the building on an all risks basis.

Our policies include:

  • Accidental damage to glass, mirrors, sanitary ware.
  • Accidental damage to glass tops forming part of fixed furniture
  • Alternative accommodation if your home is no longer fit to live in following an insured event
  • Repair or replacement of locks or keys
  • Removal of fallen trees
  • Limited subsidence and landslip

Extensions available to you:

  • Power surge
  • Accidental damage

South African courts are awarding ever increasing settlements to aggrieved parties following successful  legal liability claims. All our building and house contents policies include personal liability cover. You can be held legally liability in common law for accidental death, bodily injury or illness of any person as well as accidental physical loss of or damage to property belonging to another person.

Top up liability

We recommend that you extend your underlying liability coverage to include  top up liability for R20 000 000 at a nominal premium.

The personal accident section cover you against the risks of accidental death or injury where there is external visible injury to the body. It is important to note that in South Africa the Road Accident fund was amended on the 1 August 2008. One of the amendments amongst others was that  General damages are now limited to serious injuries only (as determined by a medical practitioner). All other general damages, such as pain and suffering, disablement, disfigurement or loss of amenities of life will be excluded.

It is therefore very important to consider this cover which is available at low premium.

We can arrange cover for motor insurance for either

  • Fully comprehensive cover
  • Third party liability as well as fire and theft of your vehicle
  • Third party liability cover only

The following extensions are available to you under the motor section

  • Audio equipment cover
  • Loss of keys
  • Excess buy down
  • Credit shortfall
  • Pothole cover for tyres and rims
  • Top up motor liability
  • Cover for accessories fitted to the vehicle
  • Roadside assistance

We can arrange cover for types of small craft either on a standalone basis or combined with your house contents policy. This includes ski boats, speed boars, wind surfers, paddle skis and jet skis.

Our policies include:

  • Submerged objects cover
  • Cross border cover
  • Public liability cover on the road
  • Public liability cover on the water
  • Water skier’s liability
  • Passenger liability
  • Loss or damage to accessories such as safety equipment, skis, wakeboards, depth finders and radio equipment.

Policies can be extended to include use on coastal waters.

This is the section where most incidents of loss occur and we suggest that you always add this section to your policy. The all risks section cover items which are removed from your home and covers these items on a worldwide basis. Items covered under this section are covered for all risks of loss or damage. The only time cover does not apply is when an item is left in an unattended vehicle unless the item was kept in a locked boot.

Property generally covered under all risks:

Clothing, jewellery, watches, cell phones, laptops, tablets, sporting equipment and fire arms.